Portfolio - SkillsGapAnalysis

Please review our portfolio because together we
can achieve great heights.

The results achieved for our clients has been fantastic. Now a global
organisation Comprara is really proud of these relationships.

CLASS 1: Private Sector Tailored Experiences

Many organisations require a particular measurement within their scope that requires a tailored approach.
Organisations can operate very differently whether be it within corporate culture, to business goals, or team pursuits
and so measuring these unique qualities creates a comprehensive capability study. Tailoring your assessment to
your company values can drill deeper into the gaps contained within.


CLASS 2: Government Tailored Assessments

These assessments are designed specifically for Procurement Specialists, Strategic Sourcing and Category Managers.
The Assessment Pack is designed perfectly to assess personal, business and procurement attributes that propel
procurement teams to gain more ground. Benchmarking results nationwide adds another layer to the analysis of
general capability. A really popular ‘tried and tested’ choice for government and generalist procurement teams.


CLASS 3: Associations Customised Solutions

SGA has been of massive assistance to Associations due to it’s high level accuracy and efficiency of delivery to
multiple outlets and groups across the globe. SGA in partnership with Associations spearhead the deeper capability analysis
necessary to standardise and benchmark a level of quality and expertise required to maintain credibility
and integrity within industries across the globe. These projects often lead to further visualisation of data which
has highlighted many interesting unknowns and income generating opportunities for the industry.


“To loosen the indirect spend stronghold, increase synergy across business units and access the value chain – it is time to be astute, smart and razor sharp!”