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What is the profile about?

This profile focuses upon the capabilities needed to negotiate effectively. There are eight dimensions which underpin the negotiation process, and the profile features nine questions for each of the eight directions.


Negotiation is a little like chess, in that we each have some objectives, we deploy tactics to achieve our objectives, and we have to be thoughtful not only about what we do, but also what the other party does. This profile is based upon a multi-dimensional approach to negotiation, which explores a variety of different issues which may affect the outcome of the negotiation.


The eight dimensions are:

  • The contextual dimension; who has the balance of power?
  • The political dimension; which constituencies shape each party’s behaviour?
  • The cultural dimension; what is the degree of overlap of how each party does things?
  • The interpersonal dimension; what is the interpersonal dynamic between the parties?
  • The intentional dimension; what are each party’s objectives?
  • The procedural dimension; what are the phases of negotiation, and how should we behave?
  • The motivational dimension; how do we persuade the other party?
  • The tactical dimension; what are the tactics employs that may be considered?


On completion, you will receive a personalised report assessing your capability across all eight dimensions. The report will highlight your strengths and opportunities for you to develop your capability. The key output of the report is a suite of recommendations for you to consider to further your personal development in terms of your negotiation capability.


What's in it for me?

  1. You will gain insight into a variety of dimensions relevant to the negotiation process.
  2. You will be able to benchmark your knowledge against other negotiators.
  3. You will get an independent assessment of your negotiation capability, which may help build a case for further development.
  4. You will receive feedback on your strengths, which may help develop your confidence in your own capability
  5. You will receive a personalised training plan specific to your strengths and your development needs.


How challenging is the profile?

The profile is designed to gain insights into team and individual skill sets. To this end there are graduated levels of maturity with in each question set however, criteria are not designed to 'trip up' or trick individuals. There is no 'good' or 'bad' profile result but rather an insight into the overall picture. The profile generally takes around 30-40 minutes to complete.


Can I deploy this across my entire team?

Yes! This assessment is available online and requires no face-to-face interviews. It can easily be deployed across a geographically dispersed workforce. Each person will receive their own unique login credentials and on completion, their individualised reports. We will then aggregate the scores to provide you with the insights you require.



You will receive ...



On completion you will receive a PDF report which contains your results together with a few recommendations for your own personal development.

You will also have access to a set of dynamic graphs in which you can compare your results to mean results, standard deviations, etc.



Aggregate data from this challenge will provide an important insight into 'Category Management Capability' in Australia.

Here we will look to discover correlations between expertise in each stage of the process and other independent variables such as:

• Years of experience

• Qualifications

• Type of category

experience, etc.

Once we have reached 'critical mass' of respondents we will release to YOU an aggregate group report in the form of an 'industry white paper'.