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What is it?

This is your assessment of the procurement function that you operate within. You will be guided through 72 questions that will form a picture of where your procurement department is, in its journey of maturation and in comparison to best practice.


The procurement pillars of excellence that are explored are:


The 8 steps are:

  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Category Management
  • Sustainability
  • Savings
  • Stucture
  • People
  • Suppliers


On completion you will receive a report, which identifies where your department is on its journey to best practice. It will highlight in which areas your department has strengths and the areas that require focus. They key output is a set of recommendations and priorities for you to consider in your strategic planning.


What is this assessment based on and how reliable is it?

The source of this assessment is a mix of industry research and well-established procurement maturity frameworks. Taking cross-industry research from around the world, the drivers of the maturity profile consider the procurement function from 'greenfield' and 'founding' stages through to 'established', 'leading', 'impacting' and what is regarded as best practice.


The content of each question has been considered by both procurement practitioners and consultants in Australia and the United Kingdom to ensure relevance, reliability and validity of the assessment.


What themes are explored in the assessment?

Procurement involves so much more than simply having the right goods and services delivered to the right people at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Procurement should align to business strategy and with suppliers onside, should deliver competitive advantage. Across the eight procurement bastions listed above there are several drivers investigated – giving you the opportunity to provide an evaluation of each of these drivers in detail.


Examples of these include aspects such as:

• Product development involvement

• Value enhancement focus

• Supplier process linkage

• Market analysis & hedging

• Contract sophistication

• Cross-functional involvement

• ERP leverage

• Procurement decision support

• Total value focus

• Balanced metrics


Why it's important?

  1. Discover where your department is on their journey to best practice and receive targeted plans to ensure efficient headway.
  2. Increase the effectiveness of the procurement function adding value to the business and releasing capital for use in other strategic growth areas.
  3. Reduce commercial risk by embedding appropriate practices and policy.
  4. Maximise efforts by aligning with business strategy, ensuring cross-function collaboration, gain leverage and avoid duplication of efforts.
  5. Be a contributor of business innovation and influence suppliers to bring ideas and to champion your business' competitive advantage.


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