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We heard YOU!

The platform was created to meet the ongoing request we had from Chief Procurement Officers.


They wanted an easy-to-use tool to quickly assess their people against strategies and landscapes that seem to change frequently and rapidly. The requirement was that it needed to be:


  • Contextually relevant to the procurement profession, as it is today – in Australasia.
  • Since change often dictates the need for new skills or behaviours – it needs to be modified and regularly updated to conduct iterative assessments
  • Easily deployed to geographically dispersed workforces through an online secure interface.


Understanding that different industries and organisations have their own unique set of considerations and complexities, we also ensured that the tool could be tailored for your specific environment.

Why a self-assessment?

It offers a systemised and constructive way to think about your skill set and evaluate it.


In our everyday work we often make evaluations of our knowledge and skills as we perform our tasks. In some areas we will feel confident knowing we are equipped to perform the task. In others we may feel trepidation as we approach a task that we have less familiarity with. Sometimes we may not make an evaluation at all.


  1. I am aware that I am competent in this skill/ task
  2. I am unaware that I am competent in this skill/ task
  3. I am aware that I am not yet competent in this skill/ task
  4. I am unaware that I am not yet competent in this skill/ task


When a self-assessment is complete it turns unaware into aware.

About Comprara

We are employed by CPO's to deliver quick results, recover delinquent projects, minimize supply risks, build capabilities, and tackle tough spend.


We are procurement consultants, practitioners and trainers with experience across multiple industries, spanning multiple markets across wide geographies and a variety of indirect and direct sourcing categories leveraging 'best of breed' procurement technologies to deliver outcomes.


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